State Of Entrepreneurship

The 2010 State of Entrepreneurship speech from Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, is embedded below. A quote from early in the speech, “This is the hope and power of entrepreneurship—and while entrepreneurs are not the sought-after silver bullet, economic recovery will not happen without them.”, encapsulates one of the themes. And assertions such as “No country has enough entrepreneurs” provide a basis for exploring ways to encourage and support solo and small businesses in forming.

The speech was given a few weeks ago, in January 2010. More information can be found on CSpan Video.

More Coming in 2010

The website will continue to add additional content, covering how your interests can best interact with the needs of your business activities, your job, and your personal life. The focus will be on the intersection of the passions of the entrepreneur and the drivers of business & life.


Entrepreneurial characteristics

Most types of successful entrepreneurs possess characteristics that may help them achieve more than less-successful business people. Some of these characteristics are:

1. Self-confidence – They have confidence in their capabilities & knowledge.

2. Risk-engagement – They enter into situations that appear risky, but do so as a sort of engagement in battle, developing skills that let them judge (or calculate) risks specific to their operational style & circumstances.

3. Results-oriented – Achievements are in mind during sustained effort timeframes, and are usually enhanced by concentration focused on achieving a specific goal, not solely accomplishing a series of unrelated tasks.

The first characteristic is generally held to be the most important – self-confidence forms a solid base for which other characteristics can rely on.


Online Entrepreneur Personality Analysis

The planning for the launch of the online tools continues.  There are several levels being rolled out, in phases, as part of a kickoff.  The goal is to help people understand how their motivation, personality, ambition, and other aspects factor into their entrepreneurial efforts & success.

Videos, slides, and audio content are in development.  One of the first items offered will be a free e-course on entrepreneur types.  Some of the other launch planning is under wraps, but it will include using social media & other web 2.0 tools.

The test quiz is here:

Unfortunately, this quiz is limited the amount of entries it can recieve and has already reached that limit.

Thinking about Entrepreneur Types

This is written for the entrepreneurs out there.

There are many types of people, and for those that are entrepreneurial business owners, there are just as many types.  You have have many traits – motivation, honesty, idealism, innovation – and your own mix allows you to carry you forward.

For online entrepreneurs, you are probably set up with a balance that is allowing you to handle tasks that are suited for the internet-based (or internet-centric) business model that you are running.

If you haven’t found a framework that helps you define your personality type in conjunction with your motivation, then keep reading.  We’ll work to improve the insight into who you are, so that you can better leverage your characteristics.

What type of entrepreneur are you?  Get smart about your EntrepreneurType ™ here.  The tools and information have been created so that you can learn at your own pace.